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Highlights from January Milan City Council

By Milan Eagle Media In January, the Milan City Council approved a no-parking area along Platt Road at Redman, because semis can’t turn the corner with cars parked along the road. The decision was made after Police Chief Donald G. Tillery explained the problem. “One of the officers noticed there wasn’t enough room for a […]

Hansel & Gretel

Hansel & Gretel

By guest Nora Carichner The Red Apple Opera Company presented “Hansel & Gretel” at Liberty School Theater January 15th and January 16th. The charming adaptation featured, high spirited siblings, dancing angels and a witch with an especially evil laugh. There were many engaging characters like gingerbread children, fairies, a sandman, an industrious broom maker and […]

Role of Mediation in today’s courtroom

By Balinda Zimmerman Court dockets are becoming overloaded with cases that have not been resolved, but continually drag on and on as motion after motion is filed requiring more and more time and monies from both parties. In many courtrooms across the United States, you will no longer be able to stand in front of the […]

Think about sending financial ‘Valentines’ to loved ones

By Gwen Hodges Americans spent nearly $19 billion in Valentine’s Day gifts last year, according to the National Retail Federation. Much of this money went for gifts with short shelf lives, such as candy, flowers and restaurant meals (and about $700 million was spent on gifts for pets). There’s certainly nothing wrong with giving chocolates […]


City of Milan 45 Neckel Ct. Contact the Parks & Rec. office at anytime for a list of programs offered or stop by our new on line registration website. Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am – 4 p m..734-439-1549 Milan Seniors for Healthy Living is a non-profit organization that provides services, activities, and programs for the […]