February Milan City Council Highlights

The former lumber yard on West Main Street, near the railroad tracks, has been rezoned.
Currently the property is owned by Mold Pro. The owner is using some buildings alongside the railroad tracks, but has renovated the large brown building for rental space.
The old zoning was Light Industrial, because it was a lumber yard. The new zoning is “GB” or General Business, allowing any kind of retail or service business, or office space.
The new tenant in the building might be a pharmacy, a consignment shop, a gift shop, a law office, or a dentist office, for example.
The building and property is located at 237 and 247 W. Main.
The property has limited off-street parking and 12 to 15 spaces on the street within a short walking distance, according to the report by the city’s planner. Anyone wishing to rent the building must ask Bob Grostick, Milan’s building official, for approval in terms of the parking available.
The rezoning was approved by the Milan Planning Commission and sent to City Council, which approved it on first and second reading.

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