Wabash murals adds style to restaurant

By Joyce Ervin

The Breakfast Club consists of members of the grass-roots community group, Moving Milan Forward, that meet at Brooklyn’s Side Track restaurant each morning supporting local business, while enjoying good food and discussing a little organizational business.
On an early June morning, Gary Bourdeau, Ann Gee, president Tom Dupuis and Gary Brink enjoyed their breakfast, while viewing newly-painted murals on the restaurant walls.  They enhance the railroad theme and ambience of the venue, while bringing a bit of history.
The more than six-foot murals depict the famous Wabash Cannon Ball train coming through a tunnel.  The engine, though considered fictional and revered in song, has been considered a bit of folklore spin-off from the Wabash Railway that traveled the rails of various corporate entities.
 Milan has a Wabash Street and now a Wabash mural.   The first railroad to use only the Wabash name in a city, and no other city in its name, was the Wabash Railway in January 1877 which was a rename of the Toledo, Wabash and Western Railway formed on July 1, 1865. This Wabash carries the name of the artist who created the murals.
Owner Golaik “Ricky” Mahmutaj commissioned Detroit graffiti artist, Sintex.  The works were done with spray paints and the details are distinct, the 3D graphic pops and the colors are relaxing yet vibrant.
Mahmutaj had the murals painted in time to celebrate his son Brooklyn’s 13 -year birthday, for whom the restaurant is named.  Visit the establishment’s Facebook page or stop in for a sneak peek at the artistry.
The restaurant is located 422 Wabash Street near the railroad crossing in Milan.
Visit the Sintex website at www.sintexart.com.

Joyce Ervin is a freelance writer reporting on Milan.  She can be contacted at:  jlervin42 [at] yahoo [dot] net

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