We at the Milan Eagle hope all in our community are doing well during this crisis. We will all get through this together. In order to keep people safe and distanced we did not produce a Milan Eagle newspaper for April. Further months have not been determined as we want to adhere to state guidelines and protect the community. We appreciate all our advertisers and readers and look forward to serving everyone again.God bless.


Photo by guest Brittani Wisser
Photo by guest Brittani Wisser

By guest Brittani Wisser

There are children suffering silently in Milan as well as all over Michigan who need a loving home safe from abuse or neglect. They need a home that provides three meals every day, a bedtime routine (and warm hug) in order to begin healing. Basic necessities such as these are often missing in homes where substance abuse is part of the daily routine. Brian Thompson wrote on MI Headlines Michigan News that “Drugs are not just a big city problem. On November 21st, 2013, MIHeadlines.com published an article about the heroin epidemic that has hit Monroe, MI very hard.Addiction is an illness. Addiction will cause changes in those that we love that are unexpected and sometimes heartbreaking.” The hidden victim of substance abuse is often a child in the home who does not understand why there is no food to eat or why mom won’t wake up. Foster care provides these children with a safe, loving home and plan for stability.
There are 13,000 children in foster care in the State of Michigan. It is easy to ignore a large statistic like that if there is no personal knowledge of a child in foster care in your community. Foster children tend to be hidden within a community because it is not outwardly obvious that a child is a foster child. A child’s personal information is confidential and kept only to those who need to know, like a teacher or a therapist. A foster child may live right down the street and it would not be public knowledge.
Hands Across The Water is a non-profit foster care and adoption agency located in Washtenaw County. Hands Across The Water services multiple counties that include Monroe, Washtenaw, Wayne, Lenawee, Livingston, and Macomb. For more information about providing foster care or becoming a licensed foster parent to a child in your area please contact Hands Across the Water at, (734)477-0135, or visit our website at www.hatw.org.

Kristen McGraw, BSHS
Foster Care Licensing Supervisor Hands Across The Water.

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