Porch Time at Hack House

By Joyce Ervin

The Milan Area Historical Society welcomed the Backstreet CruiZers Car Club that hosted the day as part of the society’s “Summer on the Porch” series at the Friend-Hack House Museum. 
The museum and grounds are open each Sunday afternoon for tours. Visitors recently were able to give a once-over to the club’s vintage era cars that were parked near the roadway on County Street.
Linda Gilson, CruiZer’s secretary/treasurer, played hostess greeting guests, giving tours of the house and answered lots of questions.  There seemed to be a big interest in the renovated kitchen.  Gilson pointed out to a group of guests the original wallpaper that was found on the walls of the 1800s stick-built house a piece of which is framed and hangs on the wall.
An interested first-time visitor, Penny Turner, said she was glad she came and really liked the house.
Outside Jim Gilson was busy with a fluffy duster cleaning up his car.  Other car owners and club members sat in folding chairs under the big shade trees on the front lawn. Visitors viewed the car collection with interest.  One individual was taken with a green, 1949 Ford sedan and lots of remarks were made about a beat-up, ready for restoration 1966 Dodge truck.
Inside the house, were remnants of a varied doll collection that remained set up from a previous event. Young and old enjoyed seeing the dolls that were grouped in many of the rooms throughout the house.  A large doll house with furnishings was found in a front parlor and proved to be a favorite to many.
President Anne Farmer asked Gilson to extend a thank you to the CruiZers for hosting the day.  She was also grateful for the $52 that visitors donated.  Farmer promised to make next year’s CruiZer’s event even better by bringing in a food truck.  Music for the event was brought by dee-jay, Doug Gilson.

Joyce Ervin is a freelance writer reporting on Milan.  She can be contacted at:  jlervin42 [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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