Female Athlete of the Month: Becky Novack

Photo by Balinda Zimmerman Becky Novack

Photo by Balinda Zimmerman
Becky Novack

By Balinda Zimmerman

Becky Novack was born to John and Donna Novack in Ann Arbor, Michigan August 1999. Becky is the youngest of three with a brother Anthony, age 29 and a half-sister, Marisol, age 36. 
Becky began swimming at the young age of six.  One day when she arrived at swim practice the pool was closed and practice had been moved to the high school.  The moment she saw the diving athletes she was hooked.  She switched from swimming to diving the next day.  
Becky’s coaches through the years have been prior Milan diver, Josh Baumer, University of Michigan’s Don Mason, Milan High Schools’ Robin Love and at present she is coached by Chelsea Laginess another prior Milan diver.  
Becky has experienced a few other sports, trying dance for one year, volleyball at Milan Middle School, and three years of softball with Milan Youth League.  Since her first time on the springboard her love has been diving and though she took a year off during her sophomore year after ten years of diving, she couldn’t stay away and returned her junior year.  
At present Becky has a 3.8 GPA studying Introductory Engineering, Art, Yearbook staff (Swimming and diving page), Statistics and Anthropology. She says her favorite class has been graphic design because she loves to create. Her hobby is sleeping because she works so hard at diving, her job as hostess at Red Robin, and school that when she gets free time she simply wants to sleep. 
Becky shared that she would like to study something in the medical field in college, possibly nursing.  Her grandmother is a nurse and her grandfather was an ER doctor so she really would like to follow in their footsteps.

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