Science at Symons

By Joyce Ervin
The Symons Parent Teacher Organization hosted a Family Science Night resulting in an educational and fun evening.  Students observed 20 hands-on experiments at their own pace learning properties of surface density, static electricity and how airplane design affects flight patterns to name a few.
 Touching, looking and manipulating proves to be developmentally significant.  They also learn through observation and investigation, and they took notes for their science journals. 
Volunteers made up of parents and some school personnel set up the experimental stations.  A popular stop-off was the Fish Bits conducted by Todd McChesney.  Pans with a variety of dead fish were laid on a long table along with fish drawings allowing the youngsters to see that not all fish have the same parts, not all parts look the same, and they may be used for different purposes.
 To stimulate discussion, McChesney asked leading questions, such as, “With teeth like that, what do you think this fish might eat and would bigger fins or tails help the fish swim faster?”
 Some other learning experiences included learning which eye is dominant, observing animal behaviors, checking out zooplankton with the microscope and looking through tubs of bones at fourth-grade teacher, Elizabeth Miller’s, Bone Dig.
 PTO president, Kate McChesney, said the group provided an opportunity for Symon parents to be involved with their child’s education.  She said, “Parental involvement is critical to student achievement and this event helps build a bridge between home and school.”
 For more information on PTO events, email Kate McChesney at kmcchesn [at] comcast [dot] net.

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