Youth council wraps up 2016

By Joyce Ervin

The Milan Youth Council will wind-up the last quarter of 2016 with lots of plans, great ideas, enthusiasm and a new link on the City of Milan website, so they can communicate with the public.
On the agenda is another city skating party for teens and families if the weather cooperates and helping again with the bingo games held for the senior citizens through Seniors for Healthy Living.
Each member serves as a liaison to a local organizations or city commissions.  With the growth of 13 new members, additional liaisons are being selected. 
Kyle Snyder is former co-chair under founder Harry Ervin and second-term chairman for 2016.  Several charter members graduated from high school and have moved on to post-secondary schools.  New officers are vice chair, Julia Woelmer, secretary, Kate Frait and treasurer, Travis York.
Advisor, councilwoman Ann Gee, said, “It is exciting to have such an enthusiastic group of young people working together to help this community, and I look forward to a wonderful, exciting end of the year.”
She further added that suggestions from the community are welcome and organizations or commissions needing volunteer services should contact them.  The council was formed to teach the fundamentals of government and members are obligated to a minimum of four hours volunteerism each month.
The council meets at City Hall on the second Thursday of the month at 7 p.m.  Anyone interested in joining can ask for a registration form at City Hall, contact a member or email milanyouthcouncil [at] milanmich [dot] org.

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