Willie Wonka is a sweet show!

By Milan Eagle Media

What does candy and honesty have in common? A lot if you’re Willie Wonka
The 130 Milan students (from kindergarten to 8th grade) came together in December for 4 performances of Willie Wonka, Jr. at Dennis McComb Center for the Arts in Milan High School. The musical play was written by Roald Dahl and directed by Debra Nicholas.
Willie Wonka, played by Molly Smith a 7th grader, is a candy manufacturer and on a quest to find a heir. He has a world wide contest by hiding golden tickets in 5 of his candy bars to win a free tour of his Wonka factory as well as a life time supply of candy.
Ticket winners, candy eating heavy set Augustus played by Tyler Helzerman, spoiled brat Veruca played by Claire Baker, gum chewing Violet played by Maddie Soules and a likeable Charlie Bucket, without funds so he was given a candy bar, played by Gavin Kruise.
Rules for the tour are to be followed or suffer the consequences. Last ticket holder Charlie and his grandfather broke a rule but Charlie later confessed to drinking the frizzy lifting drink. Willie was impressed by Charlie’s honesty and named Charlie Bucket his new heir.
Many colorful Oompa Loompas sang and danced throughout the play.
The cast and crew of Willie Wonka, Jr. did a fantastic job! Milan is fortunate to have many talented students and each play they delight the crowds. Mark your calendars, you won’t be disappointed.
March 10-12, 2017 a production of Aladdin will be at Milan Middle School and March 18-20 and March 25-27 a production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown will be at Milan High School.

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