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Whittaker church left an impression on Milan

Whittaker church left an impression on Milan

Jean May could tell the story of St Paul Lutheran Church. She was there when it happened. Today’s photo gives a glimpse of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Whittaker. Notice the attractive, ornate windows. May provided the photo at her kitchen table in March 2010, and shared her experiences growing up with the church. This […]

Does school attendance affect student achievement?

Superintendant Bryan Girbach National research is clear, attendance does matter. Every day missed is a lost opportunity for a child to learn. The National Center for Educational Research states, “Teacher effectiveness is the strongest school-relateddeterminant of student success, but chronic student absence reduces even the best teacher’s ability toprovide learning opportunities.” Research also shows that […]

Milan youth perform in Christmas Concert

By Joyce Ervin   Milan boasts some talented youthful instrumentalists that performed in “Holiday Music”, a Christmas Concert presented by the Ypsilanti Youth Orchestra last month.  The orchestra offers free lessons taught by music specialists from the University of Michigan and the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra.  Those from Milan participating were Solana Howard-Meads a senior […]

Consider Some New Year’s (Financial) Resolutions

By Gwen Hodges We’re just about ready to open the door to 2017, so you might be thinking about some New Year’s resolutions. What’s on your list this year? More visits to the gym? Learning a new language? Mastering the perfect beef bourguignon? All worthy ambitions, of course, but why not also include some financial […]

The Roustabout Theatre Troupe is Going to College!

We’re thrilled to announce we’ll be putting down stakes in Ann Arbor starting January 2017. Why? Because we have the distinct honor of joining the University of Michigan for the semester, as the Lloyd Hall Scholars Program Artists-In-Residence! For the first time, the LHSP will be bringing in an entire group, rather than an individual […]