CK Antiques & Restoration filled with treasures

By Janet Buccirosso

Cassandra Smith, Cassie to her friends, is the proud owner of the CK Antiques and Restoration store located 4 blocks east of Cabellas “in the triangle” at 141 Riley Street in Dundee. Store hours are from 10am to 6pm on Tuesday through Saturday and 10am to 4pm on Sunday. The store is closed on Mondays.
Cassie states that she grew up loving antiques. When she was a child, she and her mother would go out to garage sales and antique shops and look for bargains or unusual items. As she grew older her love of antiques did also and she dreamed of one day opening her own shop. Although life diverted her for a while when she studied and became a secondary school Social Studies teacher, her love of antiques never wavered.
In November of 2012 Cassie, who lives in Ypsilanti and has two children, a daughter who attends Western University and a son who just graduated, opened her first storefront in Milan. With the help of family and friends, her dream had come true. She and her mother, Christine Allmand, bought and sold antiques and refinished wood furniture. Cassie subsequently moved her store to its present location and they continue to work with antiques and restoration. In addition, Cassie loves making paper flowers of all types and turning them into decorative pieces rather than just flowers in a vase. On occasion there are also craft workshops available.
The store just expanded to include the basement where Cassie currently houses consignment items from four different vendors alongside some of her antiques. The shop carries a wide variety of eclectic items including collectables, books, tools, furniture, and primatives and is a great place to wander through and enjoy on a lazy afternoon.
If you would like more information you can go to the website at or call (734) 747-1318.

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