Dundee Female Athlete of the Month: Breanna Johnson

Breanna Johnson
Breanna Johnson

By Janet Buccirosso

Eighteen year old senior Breanna Johnson’s love of bowling began almost from the moment she was born. She states that she has been bowling “ever since she could walk”. This will not surprise anyone who knows Breanna. She comes from a family of avid bowlers. Her grandparents teach youth bowling in Monroe County and her mom not only teaches the high school team, she is an accomplished bowler herself. If that weren’t enough, she also has an uncle who has 30 games scoring 300. While it is no wonder Breanna loves bowling, she doesn’t limit herself to just one sport as she also participates in track and trap.
In school, Breanna’s favorite classes are Wood Tech because she likes building things and working with her hands and Phys Ed because she likes to stay active.
Breanna has attended Regionals and States, and while a sophomore received Regional champion and runner up at States. In her junior year she also received runner up at Regionals. In addition to attending for bowling, she also went to States for trap.
Breanna lives with her mom, step-dad, younger brother and sister. She also has an older brother. Her plans for the future include attending college. She has a 3.2 GPA and wants to pursue a degree in physical therapy with an emphasis on sports medicine. She is planning on attending the University of Toledo and would like to continue bowling while in college.
Her advice to students trying to decide whether to participate in sports is, “Hard work pays off.” The harder you work the better you will get. This will make you feel good about yourself and feel like you have achieved something.
Mr. Brighten states that Breanna is a very hard working and dedicated student, and her mom says she loves the fact that Breanna has so much drive in herself to push right through.

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