Milan feeds the world

By Milan Eagle Media

Ninety minutes was what it took to assemble and bag 20,000 meals to feed communities of children in the country of Haiti.
Sponsored by Milan Rotary Club, March 25, 2017, over a hundred volunteers participated in the event. Members of the Milan community joined the Rotarians, there were church members, government officials, business owners, Interact Club members, Youth Council members, Firefighters and many great children that brought their parents to work in action packed assembly lines.
It is important to remark that a percentage of the bags were left at Aid in Milan to serve local people in need.
When the possibility to do this event came, Rotary President Ed Enriquez saw the need to involve as many people of the community as possible. Then…the idea Milan Feeds the World come about.
Milan Rotary Club partnered with Kids Coalition Against Hunger under the direction of Michael Burwell, a humanitarian organization feeding children in 13 countries.
The vision must go on, and we are doing preparation for the new Rotary calendar under the presidency of Doug Nie. The goal could be 50,000 in 90 or maybe 100,000 in 90.
Milan Rotary Club would like to say thank you to all the donors that increased the Rotary budget of $3,000 and brought it to $5,600.
Special thanks for the generous business donations, Precision Device, Grostick Team Real Estate 1, Milan Physical Therapy, Say Yes Fitness, the Milan Eagle, Straub Heating and Cooling, Eduard Jones Financial, the children’s group of the Milan Free Methodist Church, and individual donors, Joshua Bunton, Bryan Girbach, Ryan McMahon, and Tom Preston.
A supper big thank to the Milan Free Methodist Church and Christian Catering that opened their doors and hosted this great event.
I guess, the only thing that is left to say is, ROTARY DID IT AGAIN!

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