We at the Milan Eagle hope all in our community are doing well during this crisis. We will all get through this together. In order to keep people safe and distanced we did not produce a Milan Eagle newspaper for April. Further months have not been determined as we want to adhere to state guidelines and protect the community. We appreciate all our advertisers and readers and look forward to serving everyone again.God bless.

Dominic Hamden | Mayoral candidate

Dominic Hamden

I live in Milan with my wife, Laura, and our children, Ethan (12) and Alexander (10). I am proud to have served the City of Milan as a city councilman over the last eight years. I have operated my law practice here for ten years. Milan’s “feeling of community” is what attracted Laura and me to Milan and why we call it home.
I am equally proud of the progress the City has made in the last ten years. Thanks, in part, to changes made with fee structures and other changes by the city council, we are beginning to see new residential construction. Meadowbrook is built to capacity. Milan Crossings is nearing completion. Eagle Springs is adding new homes monthly. Road construction has started up again. Riverside was completely redeveloped and Redman now has curbs for the first time.
Thanks, in part, to the work of our city staff and elected officials in coordinating with state government and private owners, twenty-five percent of our downtown was recently revitalized. In other areas of the city, new businesses are beginning to open and old businesses are expanding.
When I took office eight years ago, the City had begun to make the changes necessary to see this City flourish. Today, the city stands with a healthy fund balance, capable of meeting its financial obligations.
Further, Milan now has large events that frequently attract outside residents to come to Milan. The city staff, from hourly employees to the Mayor, have worked together to coordinate positive change and much appreciation is due to the charities, individuals, and businesses that have donated their time and money. I am running for mayor because I want to see this change and positive progress continue.
So what is next for our city? With this last budget, the city approved a Ford Lake Rehabilitation project to renovate Milan’s crown jewel. The Ford Lake shore will be redeveloped and a walkway added along Wabash for citizens to enjoy the lake more freely. Let us continue the course we are on.
Dominic N. Hamden, Mayoral Candidate

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