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Owen Diaz | Mayoral candidate

Owen Diaz

Diaz’s mission
*bring more revenue and jobs to the city
* more businesses downtown with more parking
* diversify our tax base to commercial, industrial
and residential
* to frugally utilize our resources, which
translate to less taxes and better services.

As a former two-term Mayor of Milan I turned a budget deficit into surplus and made the City Government People Friendly. Citizens talk to the mayor in the morning of Tuesdays and Thursdays without an appointment to air their complaints or concerns. Personally financed several activities …No Politicking involved, just God’s love for everyone.
Education:Electronics Engineering, Economics major in Finance, and Certified in Financial Planning.

Other Accomplishments:
* Currently manages his company where he sells his invention products. He also oversees his wife’s Medical Practice.
*He voluntarily spent his personal time and money where he did a research on how the Medicare System can save about 10 – 20 billion dollars a year without cutting on medical services. He received a personal letter of appreciation from President Obama for his endeavor. Owen did it as a sign of gratitude and contribution from an immigrant to this Great Country, the United States of America.
* Winner National Science Competition (late 1960s) in the Philippines.
* Invented “Airplane Crash Locator” (U.S. Military became interested to use in the Vietnam War),
* Invented and patented “Reusable Mailing Envelope” used by some fortune 500 Companies, like Federal Express, IBM, and others.
* Past President of St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Medical Auxiliary, where they donated more than a Million Dollars for the indigent patients during his term. Past president of the Washtenaw County Medical Society Alliance and supports the Safe House, past S.E. Regional Director for the Michigan
State Medical Society Alliance. He also volunteers at the Alpha House. Currently, the President of the Auxiliary to the Philippine Medical Association of Michigan.

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