Veteran of the Month: Farris Hurst

By Milan Eagle Media

Farris Hurst was born in Tazewell, TN in 1950, he is the 7th of 14 children. His dad was the 7th of 9 children and his mom was the 7th of 12 children. When he was 3 years old his father moved the family (at this time his wife and 8 sons, their 9th child and first daughter was born in MI) to Michigan, just outside of Maybee. His dad would work at the paper mill in Monroe. A couple of years later, 1955, they moved to Tuttlehill Rd. where he attended Dundee Schools. In 1968 Farris graduated from Dundee High School. June 1968, soon after graduation he started working at Milan Screw Products and he was employed there almost 38 years until he retired in 2006.
While in high school, a new family moved in down the road, south end of Tuttlehill, and that’s when Farris met his bride to be, Marcia. They married May 1969, two months later he left for basic training.
Once Farris was drafted into the Army he had to leave Marcia behind while he went through basic training at Ft. Knox, KY. Farris stayed at Ft Knox, after graduating basic training, for another 8 weeks of armor training. Upon completion, he took a 30 day leave going home to Michigan to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas with his family.
January 1970 Farris was on his way to Ft. Lewis (near Tacoma) Washington and from there he deployed to Viet Nam. For the first 2 months Farris was in the armor unit, then, the unit got called back but the soldiers did not. Farris was sent to the northern part of South Viet Nam where he was assigned to a supplies platoon and he drove a supply truck . Farris would have been stationed in Viet Nam longer but his oldest brother volunteered for another tour and they couldn’t have 2 siblings in the country at the same time. Leaving Viet Nam he next reported with his armor unit to Ft. Hood TX. He was a gunner on M60 tank until after August 1971 when he returned to Michigan where his new son, Robert, was waiting to meet him and his old job was holding his place of employment.
Farris and Marcia have 2 children, both graduated from Milan High School. Son, Robert lives up by Cadillac and daughter Beth Schultz and her husband Mark along with sons Nolan, eleven and Carson, eight live in Tecumseh.
When Farris was ask if he had any advice or comments about the military he said, “had to do what I had to do”. He still keeps in touch with his friend Kevin Lange that he served with in Viet Nam. Both left Viet Nam the same day. Kevin lives in Dunlap, TN.
Farris likes gardening and bowling and he use to do a lot of walking until he had a stroke 2 years ago in August. His family is keeping him motivated to exercise to rebuild his strength and his grandsons are keeping a close tab on him. When he doesn’t want to do something they remind him, “cause grandma said so”.
Farris and Marcia are very thankful to the VA for all their help and assistance.

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