Halloween-themed experiments

By Joyce Ervin

Symons Elementary students got a real Halloween treat, when they visited the Milan Center for Innovative Studies wing at the high school for the annual Science Lab event that featured scientific demonstrations with a holiday theme.
Seniors acted as guides and the physics classes researched and designed the demonstrations which showed various scientific principles.
 Fourth-grade student, Bryce Le Fleur was fascinated with “Spooky Sand” made by spraying Scotchgard on sand so it becomes waterproof and repels water. Bryce said, “It’s really cool.”  As soon as it hit the water it turned into string.”  The process creates a hydrophobic polymer.
Students visited different stations set up in the center.  “Dancing Monsters” created tornadoes with batteries, through positive and negative charges.  Zachary Smith created a vortex but it had to be moved to another spot in the room, as the smoke he created through force set off the fire alarm.
A darkened room resembled a pyrotechnic display with several experiments using fire. Gina Engle and Katie Kaiser demonstrated how sound waves pushed through latex at the end of a metal tube filled with propane, adjusted the flame height.
Lead science teacher for the center, Brad Baden, said it was an exciting opportunity for the high school students to demonstrate depths of concepts and allows for better relationships with other students in the Milan community. Proud of his students, Braden added referring to the event, “It gets better every year.”

Joyce Ervin is a freelance writer reporting on Milan.  She can be contacted at:  jlervin42 [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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