A Dominate Win

By Balinda Zimmerman

The Milan boys basketball teams met up with Flat Rock on Friday night January 26, 2018, and with overtime challenges, two out of three Milan teams walked off the court as winners.
The freshman teams were neck and neck to the last second when the game ended in a tie at 42-42. Going into overtime Milan’s Kamron Seaton was fouled and gained 2 pts then back to Flat Rock who earned two, back to Milan gaining a three point shot and then penalized with a charging foul. It was back and forth for the entire period including another foul against each side. Flat Rock gained two points ahead and with 59 seconds left Milan fouled and Flat Rock earned the additional two points increasing the lead to 50-46. The Big Reds were not able to make another basket and Flat Rock earned three more on foul shots and quick single shot. Milan did not have time to come back from the last surge and the game ended with Flat Rock winning 53-46.
The crowd was pumped up going into the JV game and a few players for Milan had a pay back in mind. By the end of the first period the Big Reds had put up 21 against Flat Rock’s 3 points and two of those Milan points were from the big man, Michael Furtney.
A few of the Milan students celebrated over that shot because Evan is the Furtney known for his basketball skills while Michael is the football lineman.  Flat Rock began putting up back to back points in the second period while Milan missed a few baskets and by halftime the score was at 38-33, Milan. The third and fourth periods were mirror images of each other with back and forth baskets, fouls and good aggressive basketball. In the last 50 seconds of the game, the score went from 67 Milan/64 Flat Rock to Milan walking away with the win of 71 to 69 and the bench erupted with Steven Price and his players.
 Next came the Varsity teams and if the crowd was pumped for the beginning of the JV game, that was nothing compared to the first period of the Varsity game. For every basket made the stands erupted with screaming, stomping and yelling in agreement or disagreement depending on the team making the basket.
In spite of the excitement, going into the 3rd period the board showed low scores of Milan at 26 to 22 for Flat Rock. The big man, Michael Furtney, put one of those scores on the board for Milan.
When he scored the Milan students in the north stands jumped to their feet screaming “Michael, “Michael.” It wasn’t long after when basket after basket was missed on both sides of the court as aggressive plays blocked the net over and over. Milan grabbed a couple three-point shots that gave them a slight advantage but a lot of struggling took place and not a lot of scoring. Managing to edge out the opposition little by little, Milan was able to hold Flat Rock to a low of 44 to their own 55 points for the win.

Balinda Zimmerman is a certified mediator, owner/operator at Milan Memories by Minna, and freelance writer for the Milan Eagle News. Balinda can be reached at balindaz [at] comcast [dot] net

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