Highlights from January City Council

By Martha Churchill

Milan Police Chief Donald Tillery proposed the city join a program with the DEA, US Drug Enforcement Administration. He said he would like to assign one police officer to the DEA strike force. The officer’s job would be to join other officers in the area to search out and arrest drug kingpins.
The drugs or other property would be confiscated and go towards the cost of the program.
According to Tillery, the DEA officer would not target legal dispensaries of medical marijuana or small pot users.
Council members were agreeable to the proposal, and expect to see it reflected in the upcoming budget year.
In other police business, the City Council approved a contract with officers and dispatchers. The contract provides for incremental raises.
A starting police officer receives $19.58 per hour as of the 2018 fiscal year; the pay goes up to $28.09 per hour for an officer with four years experience.
A starting dispatcher is scheduled to be paid $12.96 per hour, and with four years experience, $19.42 per hour.
Mayor Dominic Hamden made appointments to the city commissions. For the Planning Commission, he appointed Mary Kerkes, Ashley Cepeda, Ken Bibee, Joe Ryan, Russell Dotson, and Michael Armitage.
Hamden’s appointments to the Beautification Commission were Barbara Gardinier, Betty Knicely, Shannon Dare Wayne, and Alonzo Joplin.
Fire board representatives: Mayor Hamden, Ann Gee, and alternate Ed Kolar.

Martha Churchill is a member of the Milan City Council.

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