Make It A Soiree opens

Photo by Joyce Ervin
Attending a Red Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Make it a Soiree are Katy Barker, Amisha Ingram, Kim Rhoney, Melissa Budd, city councilman Ed Kolar, owners Crystal Ginyard and Aisha Morrell, Jill Tewsley, Denise Kolar, Traci Cole and Susan Jones.

By Joyce Ervin

A Red Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was hosted by the Milan Area Chamber of Commerce introducing, Make It A Soiree, a new business located 52 E. Main St., specializing in crafts, workshops and events.
Owners, Aisha Morrell and Crystal Ginyard, love crafting and Ginyard said, “Creative, imaginative and crafty are my favorite words.”
These classy ladies offered champagne and cupcakes at their opening ceremony setting the tone for their business description of a socially artistic and creative party place.  
The ladies loving creativity decided to share with the community their skills and welcome all to their artistic party place where a variety of soirees will take place. 
Recently held was a Candle-making Soiree and a real favorite of many, a Fairy Garden Soiree.
Administrative assistant, Kim Rhoney, said the chamber welcomed the new business that had something for young and old.  As she gazed around the charming shop, she said, “They have amazing creative ideas.”
For more information on events, visit their Facebook page, Make It A Soiree, or visit the website at,, or call 734-681-0599.

Joyce Ervin is a freelance writer reporting on Milan.  She can be contacted at:  jlervin42 [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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