By Joyce Ervin

Lots of fun and educational experiments were demonstrated at the recently held Paddock Science Night event.
Youngsters and their parents traveled from station to station to learn chemical reactions, physics, and many other scientific concepts demonstrated in an age-appropriate manner.
Music teacher, Debra Nichols, staff advisor, helping to spearhead the Parent Teacher Organization’s event, said, “It was so wonderful to see so many families come out to enjoy Science Experiments as a family.” 
A popular experiment was demonstrated by Larry Biederman, whose son Andrew, was a student at Paddock last year.  Biederman braved the cold and entertained youngsters with a demonstration that resembled a volcanic explosion made with Mentos mints and soda pop.
The foamy explosion really supports the nucleation-site theory.  He said, “I was outside due to the glorious mess.”
Another popular station taught about germs and how they spread. Kindergartener, Levi Jenkins, was astounded by how germs spread and how to get rid of them.  Youngsters were given lotion for their hands, and then they dipped their fingertips in glitter that represented the germs.
After touching articles like cups and tooth brushes, they saw how the germs transferred.  Youngsters wiped their hands with paper towels to no avail.  The germs were still there.  Next, they tried wiping them off with a baby wipe.  Some of the glitter came off, but it was not until they washed their hands with soap and water for 30 seconds that the glitter and germs were gone. 
The Milan High School Robotics Club set up a Lego Event in the library and gave Lego kits to the little visitors compliments of Bricks 4 Kids.
The Lego Brick kits are designed to help kids learn through the STEM program, teaching the fundamentals of science, technology, engineering and mathematics education.
Nichols said, “The volunteers make this event possible, and we were lucky to have teachers, paraprofessionals and parents all working together to make this event possible.”.com.

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