MMS & Grosse Ile, Down to the wire

By Balinda Zimmerman
The Milan Middle School 7th and 8th grade girls’ basketball teams met on home territory against Grosse Ile on Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018 for an amazing 2 hours of play.
Grosse Ile was first, second and third on the board, and Milan was still struggling all the way into the half to hit a basket. Finally, with 1:35 left on the clock in the 2ndquarter  Milan’s Allie Molina chalked up 5 points in under a minute. Shortly thereafter, Markeyla McCray put two scores up and Grosse Ile’s Cailey Offerfarrel answered with a three point shot. The score was 10-5 going into the half with Grosse Ile leading.
After the half, Milan’s Carliegh DeBrock started off right away with a two point shot, followed closely by Allie doubling up on 2 pointers and then back to Carliegh again for a fourth score. Milan took the lead for the first time in the game with 27-25 and then with 8 seconds left in the 3rd quarter Grosse Ile’s Natalie Kirk sinks a three pointer for the tie going into the 4th qtr.
It was Grosse Ile who scored first in the 4th and then they had a couple fouls that cost them.
There were some good aggressive moves by both teams and the crowd was participating as loud as they would for a High School game.
Tensions were rising as each team earned two more points, then a foul on each side added more points. Milan gained a two-pointer once again, leading 31-29 when McCray missed a foul shot.
With 9.9 seconds left in regular time, Grosse Ile added a two point shot for the tie once again.
Going into overtime, Milan was the first on the board with a two point shot from Allie Molina and for every Milan shot Grosse Ile returned one of their own.  With 8 seconds left in overtime McCray was fouled and had one shot to get the winning score.  She lined up took a deep breath and shot, missing the hoop but grabbing the rebound she sank the ball for the win. Final score Milan-34, Grosse Ile-33.
The 8th grade game was so similar in content and aggression it was a thrill to watch.
Back to back, Middle School Girls Basketball this thrilling just does not happen and yet it was happening. First on the board was Milan’s Cynthia Satarino followed by Sydney Bain. The pace was slow and steady until the end of the second quarter. Both sides began to use their bodies and began to play more aggressively but still good basketball.
The ball was stolen a number of times and court action was aggressive, which is not reflected in the low scores of 11-7 going into halftime. 
Another close game appeared to be in the books when seconds before the end of the 3rd qtr. the score was 13-13.
Coming off a rebound Vanessa White caught an opening and was able to get a shot bringing the score to 15-13, Milan.
Grosse Ile rallied in the 4th and with 3:03 on the clock scored back to back two points and then a foul shot. To stay in the game, Milan followed suit with back to back shots.  In the last 48 seconds of the game Milan was fouled on twice and was able to capitalize on the error and score on one of those shots, bringing the final score to 21-20 Milan.

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