Cardboard Masterpieces

By Mary Racette

Inspired by the short film Caine’s Arcade, Symon’s elementary brought families together to channel their creative side and take part in the Cardboard Challenge.  
Symon’s students were shown the short documentary film Caine’s Arcade, the story of a nine year old boy who built a cardboard arcade out of his father’s auto parts store.  Technology teacher John Evans promoted the challenge by advertising it to the students throughout the month leading up to the event.
On a Thursday night, families armed with cardboard, duct tape and colorful markers gathered at the elementary school, prepared to take on the challenge.  The student’s creations ranged from a carriage to a basketball hoop, proving their imaginations have no limit.
“It showcases creativity and innovation”, said music teacher, Debbie Nichols.  The Milan 21 Initiative encourages critical thinking and teamwork, and the Cardboard Challenge did just that, as students and parents used their imaginations to plan and create cardboard masterpieces.  
The Symon’s staff started the hashtag, #Symonscbchallege and encouraged the existing hashtag, #Milan21, to show how this year’s cardboard challenge brought thinking outside the box to a whole new level.

Mary Racette is a student freelance writer reporting on Milan.

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