Heart of Dundee

By Milan Eagle media

Heart of Dundee is the Facebook page that communicates about news and events taking place in Dundee. Volunteers from Dundee’s DDA run the page and try to find the most informative, fun content we can find to keep people informed and entertained. Like us on Facebook to keep up with our fun and informational page!
A recent addition to the Heart of Dundee is the affiliated Meet Me in Dundee Minute. This Youtube channel provides video news and special interest stories about Dundee. The best parts of the Meet Me in Dundee Minutes are the brief videos we shoot introducing the community to our business owners. We currently have four episodes of Meet Me in Dundee Minute available and we encourage anyone that lives near Dundee to subscribe to the channel to keep up with Dundee’s happenings.
We have a planned addition to the social media fun we spread in Dundee. Coming soon will be the restaurant feature Nine and Dine. We plan to visit local restaurants, meet with the owner and waitstaff and present a video about our experience. Stay tuned to both Heart of Dundee on Facebook and Meet Me in Dundee on Youtube for the upcoming feature.
Can’t remember the date for the Mayfly Music Festival? Wondering if there are any cool new businesses nearby? Looking for a church supper to make your dinner choices easier? Like the Heart of Dundee Facebook page and subscribe to Meet Me in Dundee Minute and see what Dundee has to offer!!!!
The page started sometime in 2015 by the DDA.  Currently, the page is updated by myself (Israel Carroll with the DDA), Jordan Reeves (with DABA…Dundee Area Business Association) and Beth Manor Lapensee (volunteer.  Former DDA Chair).  We are volunteers for the city; we look at ourselves as Independent.

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