Veteran of the Month: Nick Queen

By Milan Eagle media

On his dad’s side of the family seems someone was in a war since the Revolutionary War. As a young man his dad lived in western N.C. When his parents wouldn’t sign for him to join the military he moved to Florida. That’s where Nick Queen’s parents lived when he was born in Eustis, FL. In 1990-91 Nick moved to Plymouth, MI and later to Wyandotte where he now resides. Nick has close ties in Milan and he’s pretty much a “weekend Milanite”.
After graduation from high school, his uncle died and Nick went to N.C. for the funeral. After he returned to MI and went to Germany as a foreign exchange student -then to boot camp.
He talked to different branches as a 17 year old he chose the U S Marine Corp and Nick’s dad signed for him to join the Marines. When asked about why the U S Marine Corp over the other branches of the military he replied “once a Marine always a Marine” and you don’t hear that term with any other branch. Nick’s boot camp was in Parris Island, SC. After boot camp he went home for 10 days before going for infantry training to Camp Geiger, a satellite facility of Camp Lejeune, located in eastern North Carolina. As a Reserve, he then came home for about 9 months before activated to Iraq.
September 2007 Nick went to California for pre mobilization training. Boot on the ground 2008 as a machine gunner in a weapons company. Nick, and 2 other guys from Milan, Anthony Pegouskie and Richard Cosme, were in the same company. Actually, 12 from this area and Toledo were tagged the “dirty dozen”. He was in Taskforce 2/24, RCT 1 during Operation Iraqi Freedom 8-1 in the Al Anbar province of Iraq. He received a Certificate of Commendation for actions in AO Sakar.  January 2008 they started an 8 month tour, humvee and foot patrols, part of PIT, half of his deployment was training Iraquis how to be cops. Second half was spent mounted on top of humvees guarding a bridge. They also guarded Muthana Chemical Complex where they shared base with Iraqi Army.
Returning to the States he started classes at EMU, he moved in with some ROTC guys and it was like living in a barracks again. Around 2010, through his friend and fellow Marine, Richard Cosme from Milan, he joined the Road Angels. The members gave him his name, “Sniper”. In 2011 it seemed they (his unit) were going to Afghanistan, The deployment was for Operation Enduring Freedom- where during predeployment training Nick received  Meritorious Mast for Machinegunnery Marksmanship. At the last minute it was cancelled. 
He studied Business at EMU and got certified as a motorcycle mechanic at WCC. On July 4, 2012 he met his future bride, Erica, at a motorcycle party. In 2014 he got out of the Reserves.
Nick worked for awhile in a bike shop in Plymouth. Now, he’s a sales manager at a heavy metal handling company and he works on bikes on the side. In 2015 he and Erica were married while on a memorial ride to NC.
Nick thinks the military is a good idea, said “it gives you life skills and structure, makes a man out of you”. In addition to Road Angels, he is affiliated with the Legion in Milan and Foundation 14. He says he tries to help with Foundation 14, sometimes with an opinion or a presentation but he’s pretty busy. His Marine unit has a memorial ceremony in Canton every year for Sgt. Richard Cosme. Cosme, a Milan native, was only 26 when he passed away December 17, 2014.
One of Nick’s concerns is mental health help for veterans. “There needs to be accountability, veterans are proud and no one asks for help.”
Thank you Nick Queen for your service, protecting our country! Semper Fi!

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