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The morning of April 10 was a little different for students at Paddock. As students were arriving and telling their parents goodbye a Milan Police car pulled up to the curb and stopped. Sophia Smith, her parent, Crystal Koshen-Smith and Officer Brandon Brothers stepped out. Sophia had been selected by staff at Paddock to ride to school in a police car!
Soon a big red fire engine from Milan Fire Department came on the scene. Two more students had been selected but this time to ride in a fire truck. Chief Bob Evans and Firefighter Kyle Maury brought Noble Folsom and his parent, Jesse Folsom and Kenny Gardner and his parent Charles Folsom.
Like the students that had arrived in cars, goodbyes were said and students went inside to class but this would not be an ordinary day for first and second graders at Paddock. The primary focus of the day would be the 9-1-1 for Kids presentation by Kyle Maury, Dispatcher with the Milan Police Department, as well as a Communications Operator with the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office. This coincided with National 911 Education Month and National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week.
The 1st and 2nd grade students came in and had a seat on the floor. Maury showed a brief video about Emergencies and calling 911. He then explained to the children the Primary Use of 911 is for Emergencies. When to call/when not to call. The importance of memorizing their address and do not prank call and what to do if you accidentally call 911. He explained do not practice calling on old deactivated cell phones, as they power up they can still dial 911.
A fun group game of thumbs up/thumbs down of scenarios on if you should call 911 was played with the student and teachers.
Students were reminded that emergencies do happen and to not be afraid if they have to call 911, Dispatchers are there to help them and if they call 911, even if by mistake, do not hang up.
Maury held a short question and answer session with each grade and recapped by reinforcing 911 is for Emergencies.
As they formed their lines to return to their classrooms the students thanked Maury for coming and he reminded them to discuss what they learned with their parents when they got home.
For further information, contact the Milan Police Department at 734-439-1551, or visit www.911forkids.com for great resources for teachers, parents, and students.
This was first event and Milan Police Department hopes to make it an annual event in the second week of April.

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