Gaskill recreates first day of school for EMU graduation

By Valerie Gaskill

When Jackie was little, Daddy took her to her first day at school.  They made the Milan News with the first picture.
 Jackie graduated Saturday, April 21, 2018 with her Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree from EMU.
 The childhood picture, complete with velvet dress and frilly socks, has been recreated. “Mommy” did her hair and added the pink pearls. Instead of the Paddock Elementary School duffel bag, Daddy now carries her diploma. 2001 to 2018. What a journey!
 Jackie plans to work with troubled youth.  Her life goal is to improve the criminal justice system, so young people don’t remain in it for a life time, but can get their lives in order, get good jobs and move on to become productive adults.
 She currently works part time for Rainbow Rehab, where she cares for closed-head injury patients.  She loves reading, animals of all kinds and a variety of sports.  During her Middle and High School years she was involved in Basketball, Cheer, Wrestling and Softball.  She currently holds a green belt in Judo, but hopes to advance soon.
 Several other Milanites graduated at this commencement, some are Matthew McCracken (Suma Cum Laude), Miriana Lawson (Cum Laude)  and Morgan Griffis.
Congratulations to Jackie and the EMU Graduating Class of 2018!

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