Students Educating Peers on Depression

Photo by Ma\y Racette
Traci Carlson pictured with Peer2Peer Volunteers.

By Mary Racette

Following the Bullycide Project performance, Milan High School’s Peer2Peer volunteers organized an assembly to educate their fellow students of the reality of depression and other mental health conditions.  
In February, students were presented The Bullycide Project, a performance which showed the real effects on bullying and suicide.  Two months later, these issues were brought back up to the surface as University of Michigan graduate student Traci Carson shared her story and knowledge on depression and anxiety.  
The  Peer2Peer volunteers who put on this assembly consisted of Peer Mediators and Lifesavers.  Peer Mediation is a class at MHS, while Lifesavers is an afterschool club.
Both programs train students to be able to help their peers suffering from mental health conditions.  
Lifesaver Andrew Eastman is an active member in the Peer2Peer program and said, “It feels good to know you’re working toward something amazing”.
Through the Peer2Peer assembly and the dedication put forth by student volunteers and faculty members towards the campaign, awareness is being spread and students are being educated on how to handle the serious issues which affect many of their peers.

Mary Racette is a student freelance writer reporting on Milan.  

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