MYL holds Opening Day for baseball parade

By Joyce Ervin

Milan Youth League held their Opening Day Parade and a day full of competition at the Baseball Complex on May 5.
A parade of team players, carrying their sponsors’ banners, with their coaches marched through town on the way to the fields on Neckel Court.
All sizes, all ages and all sporting different color uniforms made the bright May day even brighter.  Once at the fields, after the opening ceremony, players warmed up to play, families and friends filled the bleachers or set up lawn chairs to watch their favorite players.
The concession stand area was busy with many eating the all-American favorite; hotdogs that were prepared by volunteers Ritchie Carrie and Brittannie Cummings, who said they grilled more than 400 hotdogs and brats.
Doug Gilson of the Backstreet CruiZers supplied the music.  Old favorites, rock tunes and “Take me Out to the Ballgame” could be heard throughout the area.
Milan High School swim coach, Daniel Heikka, a bit out of the water, was found in the dugout of the 10 and 12-year old Mayors players sponsored by Victory Chevrolet.  “I get around,” Heikka said.  There to watch their grandson, Sawyer Johnson, was grandparents, Becky and Tom Johnson face off with players sponsored by the Milan Rotary Club.
Milan Mayor, Dominic Hamden, threw the first pitch to the 10U team sponsored by Mullins Auto Supply and Service.  His son, Alex was the catcher.
Learning the game, were four to six-year old little ones playing T-Ball.  On another field, short stop, Emily Bladen was playing softball.  Her little sister, five-year-old Brooklyn Bladen was dressed to match her sister’s uniform colors.  Emily’s team was sponsored by LHI Gutter Company.
Attendees spilled over to other businesses in the downtown area and bought goodies at the Milan Memorial Methodist Church’s bake sale.

Joyce Ervin is a freelance writer reporting on Milan.  She can be contacted at:  jlervin42 [at] yahoo [dot] com..

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