Exploring Jesus

By Milan Eagle media

On May 24, 2018 a group of professionals led by Dr. Enriquez of Milan departed Detroit to take the good news of the Gospel and medical care to the people in the upper Amazonia jungle in Peru. After a stop in Lima Peru the team embarked on a smaller plane to the city of Iquitos, a city only accessible by plane or boat at the base of the Amazonian river.
The six member team, recognized by Bethesda Bible Church as a part of Missions Ministry integrated two physicians, Dr. Binju Joel, MD, Dr. Anu Rachel George, MD, Dr. Ed Enriquez, DPT, Franklin Gustavo Caballero, Engr. (Translator and music ministry), Courtney Joline Fry, CMA, and Joseph Joel George, medical student.
The team provided medical care in four locations, two in the city of Iquitos and in two villages in the Amazonian jungle.
After 2-hour ride in the typical Amazonia boat, they arrived to the village of Hualaceo where almost immediately the team started medical attention. The following day they took a small boat and though small rivers they arrived to the village of Bombonage deep in the jungle.
The team provided medical attention to about 600 people including the provision of medication and education. They received first contact advance physical therapy treatment and post intervention activities.
The situation with water and sanitation is very bad, no toilets in the villages and no potable water. The group is committed to continue this journey to bless the Amazonian people.

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