Iron Chef at Symons

By Joyce Ervin

Too many cooks in the kitchen will spoil the broth, unless of course, you are participating in the Community Education’s Cooking Class Iron Chef competition.
The Symon’s Elementary School’s kitchen bustled with activity as cooking teams created dishes using the secret ingredient; berries.  Large containers of blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries were turned into delicious concoctions presented to the judges.
 Chef and cooking instructor, Ann Racette, supervised the event, but the little chefs did all the preparation.
Judges for the event were Connie Cox, director of Community Education, fourth-grade teacher, Jennie Smith, principal Kimberly Gillow and Maya Faro, a former cooking club member. Contestants were judged on originality, presentation and taste.
It was a close contest with winning Team 1 beating Team 4 by one point. Members of the winning team were Grace Thacker, Isabella Faunce, Hayley Maurer, Della Cudney and Lily Hatfied, who created an angel food trifle with berries, whipped cream and vanilla pudding and served it in a waffle ice cream cone.
Team 4 presented a spinach salad with a creamy raspberry vinaigrette dressing made with seven ingredients according to contestant, Elliot Elias. The salad surrounded a blueberry muffin.
Participating in the competition were, Kevin Thompson, Isabella Faunce, Hayley Maurer, Bucky Bush, Ivy Miller, Hayden Ritchie, Aubree Higgins, Della Cudney, Devin Fairchild, Megan McChesney, Liam Gaston, Cheyanne Froehlich, Delaney Didyk Anson Chidester, Veronica Riggenbock, Hank Bobicz, Isabel Fetterolf, Lily Hatfield, Abi Bortles, Lila McKenna, Grace Thacker, Elliot Elias and Sara Mitchell.
All the contestants received an award and the winning team was presented with gold-painted wooden spoons.  Racette said, they were a huge group, well behaved, and “great to work with.”
 For information on how to enroll in Cooking Club or other enrichment activities, email director Connie Cox at coxc [at] milanareaschools [dot] org.

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