Male Athlete of the Month: William Kurtz

Photo by Mary Racette
William Kurtz.

By Mary Racette

The Male Athlete of the Month is upcoming senior and multisport varsity athlete, William Kurtz.  He sees no offseason, dedicating the winter to basketball and spending the rest of the year running cross country and track.  
This year on the varsity team, Kurtz will finish up his basketball career which he began in preschool on the Little Big Reds.  He shared that his decision to join the team at a young age was inspired by watching youtube videos of Magic Johnson.
Influenced by his brothers’ participation in the sport, Kurtz joined the cross country in third grade and later joined the track team in seventh grade.  He said, “I love my brothers and I initially joined because I wanted to be like them”. After joining at a young age, Kurtz grew to be a competitive runner in the Huron League.  His junior year, Kurtz placed thirteenth in the Regional meet, qualifying him for the State meet.
Placing third in the Huron League for the 800 meter run, Kurtz is a valuable member of the boys track team.  He mainly runs mid-distance and distance events, including the 1600 relay which also placed third in the league.  Kurtz was the last leg of this relay and he remembers the intense race fondly, as he recalls “it was the last event so the stadium lights were on and the team needed the points to win the meet.”  
As a hobby other than athletics, Kurtz is very tech savvy and once built his own computer.  He purchased the parts online and programmed everything himself. Kurtz said, “I love to see how things work”, which explains his love for his high school physics class.  He will be taking AP Physics his senior year.
Kurtz is a huge Michigan State Athletics fan and hopes to attend the University after graduation.  The school also appeals to him because they have his desired major, astrophysics. As a career, Kurtz hopes to be an astrophysicist.

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