Veteran of the Month: Michael C. Naida

By Milan Eagle media

Michael C. Naida was born October 1926 in Dearborn, MI. When he was 6 years old his family moved to Maybee where they lived on a farm. He attended the first 2 years of high school in Maybee and the last 2 years in Dundee where he graduated. Before graduation he took an exam in school and passed and soon he was drafted, he was 17 years old.
After graduation Naida attended ASTRP (Army Special Training Program) at college in Green Bay, WI for 6 months. Naida was with the 32D ‘Red Arrow “ Infantry Division. He came home for 2 weeks and then went to Army Basic Training at Camp Hood, Texas (Killeen, Texas). From there he shipped out of Ft. Ord, California (Salinas, CA) to the Philippines. Later he was sent to Japan where he worked as an air traffic controller on a small air strip with the Air Force until the latter part of 1946 when he came home.
February 7, 1947 he went to work at Ford Motor Co. in Milan. In September 1947 he married Mary, from Milan, and he moved to Milan where they begin their life together. He worked for Ford Motor Co. in machine repair and tool & die until he retired March 31, 1989.
Mike and Mary have 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls, four of the five live in Michigan. They have lived in Milan since 1949. He did a couple of part time jobs with family members. Between work and home life raising 5 children he kept pretty busy but he still spent time with Little League, United Fund, Immaculate Conception Church and he was Cub Master for Cub Scouts. Mike use to have a boat and he enjoyed fishing and he use to hunt. Two things he enjoys and continues to do when he gets the opportunity is golf and shoot pool. Seems there was a golf league named after him at Rusty Glen a few years back and many times in the past he traveled playing golf or shooting pool.
The Milan Eagle thanks Michael C. Naida , a WWII veteran, for his military service to our country.

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