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How seniors can keep aging well at home

By Marie Gress, LMSW – Lead Resource Advocate at Milan Seniors for Healthy Living

Did you know more than 90% of older adults would prefer to age in their own home for as long as possible?  According to AARP, even if a senior needs day-to-day assistance, 82% still prefer to age in place!  Do you?
To make that possible, some home safety adjustments should be made as we age.  If you are on a budget, we’ve got a few suggestions for you: 
In your living spaces, make walking a little safer by remove area rugs as they are a top trip hazard, buy motion sensor night lights so you can see where you are stepping, and actually it’s also recommend to install energy efficient light bulbs the next time your light goes out (not only do you save on energy costs, but they last 10-15 times longer which means less ladder use).
In the bathroom, put a non-slip matt on the tub floor, install grab bars, or use a shower chair for stability.  Also try raising the height of your toilet – what a difference!  In the kitchen, install knobs and pulls on your cabinets and drawers.  You can install pull-out hardware on many of your lower cabinets to make things more easily accessible.  On wooden stairs, you can attach traction pads to make them much safer.
For yourself, replace your slippers and socks with ones that have a non-slip sole like a moccasin or hospital socks.  If you live alone, please seriously consider life-alert buttons, they vary from necklaces to wrist bands and have been a life saver for several of our clients.
While you are considering a life-alert service, there are many other affordable services out there to help you live where you want for as long as you want.  MSHL has meal services and transportation services, Huron Valley PACE, many home health care options, Elder Law specialists, and the list goes on.  All of us are dedicated to serving you.
MSHL offers an annual senior health fair on October 9, 2018 from 10am-1pm that will feature services mentioned above and much more! Many will bring services like a variety of shots, screenings, mental health screenings, demos, hearing checks, social services, respite, lawyers, Q&A’s, and that’s not all of them.  Come in October for great information and raffled gift baskets as well.  For more information on any of the above, please call MSHL at 734-508-6229 and mshl [at] milanseniors [dot] org or visit our website at www.milanseniors.org.  Find this event on Facebook, too!

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