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Meet the school board candidates

Photos by Milan Eagle media Kerri A. Moccio

Photos by Milan Eagle media Kirsten Frait

Photos by Milan Eagle media George Elder IV

Photos by Milan Eagle media
George Elder IV

George Elder IV
I am a resident of Milan, Father, Foster Parent, Disabled Veteran, and hold a Bachelors in Applied Science Computer Forensics. Through Parenting/Fostering, I have gained operational knowledge of surrounding school districts, and I will apply this knowledge in making sound district decisions by prioritizing the needs of the children first.
Goals: Find a way to reach all families and encourage them to get involved in their children’s academic success. Focus efforts on obtaining grant money to increase financial resources: obtain classroom materials, increase the variety of educational programs, and ensuring a fair salary for our educators and enhance their professional development. Improve reading and math scores with new strategic programs such as the Daily Five and Early 5’s. Utilize the entire day for instructional time, not split with staff training. The goal is to raise student achievement in order to increase enrollment.
Budget: We should not cut current programs, sacrifice class size, and student achievement to save a few bucks. Analyze the number of administrators and re-evaluate their job description. Less teachers means increased class sizes, which impacts student achievement along with state and federal funding. Cutting instructional staff would be the last resort.

George Elder IV

Photos by Milan Eagle media
Kirsten Frait

Kirsten Frait
My name is Kirsten Frait and I am running for Trustee of the School Board for Milan Area Schools. After 14 years of volunteering within classrooms, running book fairs and fund raising events, and chaperoning field trips; I feel this is an opportunity for me to serve our students and our community. I have also substitute taught within each of our schools, and other school districts, over the past 10 years. Those experiences have given me a unique insight to our students, staff, and administrators. Having lived in Milan for the past 20 years, I have a vested interest in our community and in our students. Our children are our future and I truly believe it’s in our best interest to provide them with as many possibilities to guide them towards their future goals whatever level that might be. Within our 4 schools we have tremendously talented teachers that pour their hearts into our kids. Their dedication has lead to a variety of successes for all of our students. Education is not a “one size fits all” situation and we need to work with our teachers to give our students a variety of opportunities to shine. Our district provides a vast array of avenues for each of our students to succeed. With the proper guidance and support we can continue to give our children the best possible potential for a successful future. I would appreciate your support on November 6th. 

Photos by Milan Eagle media
Kerri A. Moccio

Kerri A. Moccio 
I am excited to run for re-election for the Milan School Board after serving for six years.  For twenty-five years I have been an elementary reading specialist, a job I love and live for.  I am also extremely honored and humbled to be the 2018 Michigan Educator of the Year.
My husband Craig and I have lived in Milan for 16 years.  Our daughters, Abbie and Sophie, attended our schools since kindergarten.  They were cared for and taught by outstanding, compassionate people. It took a village to raise them.  I personally think ours is one of the best but, like any district, there’s always work to do. There are unlimited initiatives that deserve a school board’s attention. Some I feel are important include:
(1) supporting strong early literacy development
(2) strengthening academic programs to prepare graduates for our fast-paced world
(3) hiring and retaining highly qualified teachers
(4) building strong partnerships between our schools and community
(5) advocating for school funding equity so Milan receives dollars equal to other districts in Michigan
Other current roles that add to my strong background in education include:
Board of Directors – Washtenaw Area School Boards
Board of Directors – Books for a Benefit
Advisory Board – Literacy Legacy Fund of Michigan
Founder – Aid in Milan Book Fairy Pantry Project
Nationally recognized literacy advocate featured in Chicago museum
Dedicated, very active school & community volunteer
I would love to earn your vote. Please visit Facebook’s “moccioformilan” to learn more about me and what I stand for.  Thank you!

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