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Milan season going strong

Photos by Balinda Zimmerman
Coach Jesse Hoskins celebrates with his boys after a touchdown.

By Balinda Zimmerman

In Huron League placement, Gross Ile is ranked first at 4-0 while Riverview, SMCC and Milan are all tied at 3-1. Milan beat Bridgeport, SMCC, Flat Rock and Monroe Jefferson, losing only to Riverview thus far in the season. Although Milan has scored more than any one in the League they have also allowed more points scored against them. Gross Ile carries the lead in the League but they have not yet played a winning team. Their last four season games will be SMCC, Milan, Riverview and Crestwood, all four of the winning teams in the league. The next couple of weeks will see major jostling for Huron League positioning.
As of 9/25/2018, Tristan Hines has 11 touchdowns and ranked 11th in state. As a receiver, he averages 96 yards per game and ranks at 7th in the state. Hunter Aeschbacker has 10 touchdowns and ranks at 19th in the state. He is ranked 2nd in the Huron League for rushing and Hines is ranked in 5thplace.
Hines is 1st in scoring for Huron League with a total of 66 points and Aeschbacker is in 2nd place with 60 pts. Justin Wojtysiak is ranked at 5th in Huron League with 35 pts. Gross Ile holds the remaining top 3 spots for scoring and three additional Milan players have scores but rank less than 10th place.
Dyllan (DJ) Jones ranks 12th in the league for rushing, 11th in the state for passing and 2nd in Huron League for passing, behind Zack Thompson from Gross Ile. Thompson averages 218 yards passing per game and Jones averages 176.4 per game.  Thompson has attempted 82 passes with 46 completions giving him a completion rate of .561 and Jones has thrown 86 attempts and completed 61 for a .709 completion rate. This is a tribute, to not only skilled passing from Jones, but also some exceptional skills on the part of Milan receivers and the O-line.
Milan lineman, Grayson Murphy #40, was injured in the game against Monroe Jefferson and required surgery to repair fractured bones in his left arm on Sunday, Sept. 23, 2018. Milan wide receiver/defensive back Duane Bartnicki dislocated his knee (again) but the trainer was able to pop it back. According to Shelly Bartnicki, his recent MRI showed he has bone fragments and surgery may be required if addition ligaments are found to be damaged. Hunter Aeschbacker was also playing with a dislocated shoulder and a broken finger during the Monroe game. Word on his current condition has not yet been forthcoming.

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