Eternity Matters: THE SEASONS OF LIFE

By Norma Shull Smith

Ahh, November! The last of the Fall Season and the month where we fix our eyes on Thanksgiving. The hustle to pick out the turkey that will grace most tables, making sure our winter coats are accessible and the last raking of fallen leaves. Football is in full swing for the sports enthusiasts and for some, Christmas shopping has begun. It is a month that closes the season out for a new one to begin.
I most recently made my son-in-law a birthday card depicting the seasons of life and wow do they come and go so rapidly. Every season is racked with traditions in America and around the world. Countries vary as much in tradition as families do, yet to the Lord there is a season for everything. (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)
As I was thinking about the leaves turning color, I couldn’t help but think about the leaves in the pages of life. (Ecclesiastes 3:11) Dawn beckons another day, and dusk closes it out. A clock of perfect precision that never needs wound. Lately it seems the days come to a close much faster than I want them to.
In our youth we don’t give much thought to how fast the seasons come and go, but after we have children or become a certain age, we begin to realize that each of us only has so much time to get things done each day. These thoughts make me wonder if I am being wise with the time I am being allotted. Psalm 90:12
For those who have smart phones, the phone now notifies the owner each week of how much screen time they spent using the phone that past week. That became a shocker to me. I cut the first notice time down by an hour and hope to cut it back even more. I realize not all my time is on social media, because I use my phone to read news, to do research when I’m studying my devotions, etc. At first it seemed invasive, yet, WOW, what a great way to help parents monitor how much time their child is using online.
Time is a gift, a precious gift and every second that passes, so goes the time we have to complete life’s tasks.
I wonder how many of us, have actually set down and assessed what it is that we hope to accomplish in our life time. Sometimes it is hard to figure out what we want to accomplish in a day, a week, a year, let alone lifetime. I think the majority, feel our careers are our life’s accomplishment and depending on what that career is, it might be part of it. But is what we were created for deeper than that?
In your prayer time, how often do you ask God what He needs you to accomplish? That is a big question and if we are diligent to seek His will, I know that He will be faithful to help us accomplish it. Philippians 1:6; Matthew 6:33 Eternity Matters.

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