Female Athlete of the Month: Rebecca Pietryka

Courtesy photo
Rebecca Pietryka

By Milan Eagle media

Rebecca Pietryka, a senior, moved from Westland to Milan in kindergarten. Her family includes her mother Joann and father Steven and three brothers.
She has always been athletic and liked physical activities pertaining to sports. She first was a figure skater from kindergarten to fourth grade at Ann Arbor Ice Cube. She competed in a competition and won a medal. Ice skating was really fun and she still skates occasionally during the winter. From fourth grade to freshman year she played softball, her main position was shortstop. Rebecca’s father and brothers loved baseball and she joined practicing in their backyard. She enjoyed softball, her team ended up winning districts and going to a states tournament in 2013, unfortunately, they did not win states. Rebecca has competed in track since the eighth grade and this is her final year. The races she competes in are the 100m, 200m, 4 x 100m relay, and the 4 x 200m relay. She ran cross country for eleventh and twelfth grade. She said, “ Coach Porter, has heavily influenced my admiration of track because I was originally going to play softball in high school and I did track to get faster for softball, but I loved track so much that I decided that would be my main sport instead. Coach Porter suggested I try running cross country and it was a great recommendation because it really helped me with sprinting. I also love everyone on the cross country team and we are all really close friends and that’s one of the best parts of this sport because I have made many great friends.
I would like to personally thank Coach Porter for being the ultimate influence in me competing in these two sports during high school.” Loving the team and the sports makes for the best memories she’ll have from high school. It has been a great experience.
Cross country has very hard training but it’s been very worthwhile. Rebecca wishes she’d started running cross country earlier. Sprinting has been a big part of her life and she’s glad for the past four years, going to be her fifth this year. She said in track she’s usually very nervous for her first race, the 100m, but her other three races following it she’s excited for. She is very satisfied with how much she’s grown and the progression of better times over the years. The feeling of winning a race is so satisfying and like no other feeling. She said, “last track season, I personally earned 11 medals. I plan on training hard this winter for track season and hoping to compete in states for the 100m or 200m this season.”
Rebecca is in National Honors Society. Her favorite subject in school is probably math and she also enjoys playing the oboe in band class. During marching band season, she is part of color guard. She is co-captains with her good friend Sophie Moccio. Rebecca says her plans after college are still up for debate, but most likely she will go into a part of the military either the Air Force or the Navy.

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