Good news and bad news for Milan just in time for print

By Balinda Zimmerman

The Milan Big Reds met the Chelsea Bulldogs on the field at Milan for the second round of the 2018 playoff games. It wasn’t the best field conditions for either team but the Bulldogs managed to make the best of the muddy field and pushed Milan to making errors. Milan garnered numerous penalties during the game and even faced an ejection of two key OL/DL linemen, Chris Beck and Brennan Walker.
Both Milan touchdowns were gained by trick plays. Running quarterback, Tristan Hines, passed to the passing quarterback, Dyllan Jones for the first touchdown. Later running back Hunter Aeschbacher handed off to Hines who then handed off to QB Jones, who then passed to Evan Furtney for the touchdown.
In spite of a bad season ending, Coach Jesse Hoskins coached senior quarterback Dyllan Jones into breaking his own passing record of 1666 yards, set back in 2000.
Jones said he has worked hard all year, keeping that goal in the back of his mind. He knew it was within reach when he surpassed the third place Milan record holder for passing yardage. He also knew that without a playoff game he was not likely going to reach his goal because Hoskins had made the playoffs during his record winning season.
Although the team did not win against Chelsea (36 to 14) in the second round of the playoffs, Jones did manage to reach his personal goal.

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