Milan falls 14-6 to Whiteford on road

By Balinda Zimmerman

Milan Middle school traveled to Whiteford on October 17 to take on the Bobcats. Milan newcomer Kei’Mario Jackson played a strong game for the Big Reds, especially late in the game, grabbing a ball out of the air that seemed would hit the sidelines and running it back for yardage. Kei’Mario comes from Ypsilanti where he has played since the age of 5 He plays wide receiver for Milan but has played running back, middle linebacker and corner in the past.
Payton Jones was another stand out player in the Milan game with numerous carries as well as hard-hitting tackles that were score blocking stops. He was also the running back who scored the only points for Milan. Conner Desselier and Jacob Blaine had impressive jumps to retrieve the ball out of the air that resulted in key plays for the Big Reds. Mike Maurer and a couple other linemen had a few impressive blocks that allowed for forward movement of the ball by Milan.
It turned out not to be quite enough as the Bobcats scored the first points of the game in the third quarter but seemed to gather strength late in the game. Milan opened up strong and it was a hard fought game right down to the wire but a couple of mishaps in the fourth quarter changed the whole atmosphere of the game. Final score 14-6, Whiteford.

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