Dundee Board of education recap

The Board took the opportunity to acknowledge and thank our veterans for their service and the sacrifices they and their families make to preserve our freedoms.
Ms. Cindy Edelbrock was nominated and selected as Staff Member of the Month.
The 7th grade volleyball team had their second undefeated season in three years with a 13-0 record. Each team member will receive a plaque and a plaque will be placed in the athletic display case. Member of the team are Katie Beaufait, Ashley Brant, Ariana Vajcner, Abbi Zelle, Joslyn Ball, Kennedy Irwin, Briley Bordine, Lola Salenbien, Emma Schramm, Faith Stahl, Emily Marek and Makenna Havens.
Varsity Cross Country team qualified for the 7th consecutive time and the Varsity Girls Cross Country team qualified for the second straight time for the MHSAA State meet. Colin Kane and Zach White were both recognized as All-State Cross Country runners for the 2018 season. Colin finished 3rd and Zach finished 30th in Division 3. The top 30 runners in each division are considered to be All-State. Colin is a three-time All-State Cross Country runner and holds the boys individual Cross Country school record.
The district received the SET/SEG – Self Insurer Workers’ Compensation Fund “Safety is No Accident” Award stating that during the period from July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018 we did not a claim filed meaning we did not have an employee of the school district injured while working. 
Mr. Nathan Balderman from Rehmann delivered an unmodified opinion that the report which was shared is accurate as written.  It was a “clean” report that showed our district has a 20.44% fund equity which is at $3,166,167, which is slightly less than last year’s fund equity (a loss of $114,096), but still well above the MDE’s recommended range of 15%.  We had a budget variance from the beginning of the planned budget to the audited budget of .6%. 
Field trips that involve leaving the state or an overnight stay must have Board approval. The following trips were approved.
Varsity Wrestling Trip – December 28-29, 2018 our Varsity Wrestling Team is traveling to Brecksville, OH to compete in a National tournament. 
MS Walleye Reward Trip – December 5, 2018 6th and 7th graders will be traveling to the Huntington Center in Toledo, OH to view a Toledo Walleye Hockey Game.  All students will be asked to pay $15.00 to attend this reward trip.  Students are invited to attend who demonstrate good grades, behavior and attendance. 
HS Band and Choir Trip to Disney – November 2019 (exact dates to be determined) our HS Band and Choir programs are requesting to perform at Disney World in Orlando, FL.  Each student will be asked to provide approximately $1,400 which will include air fare and hotel costs. 
HS & MS Band and Choir Trip to Cedar Point – June 8, 2019 our MS and HS Band and Choir programs would like to travel to Sandusky, OH and attend Cedar Point in a reward trip.  It is estimated to cost approximately $65 per student to attend this Saturday one day trip. 
There are currently 39 interested HS female student athletes who wish to begin a Girls Soccer program for the school district.  Per our already approved Board Guidelines our process involves establishing a Soccer Club first for three years of successful operation before our Board of Education approves it as a Varsity Sport.  Our Board of Education approved this request so that our district will provide Girls Soccer as a Club Sport beginning in the Spring of 2019. 
The Board regretfully approved the resignation of Jean Silveira, Middle School Secretary effective December 31, 2018.
The Board approved a new additional maintenance position with the potential for this individual to be certifiable in specific technical areas which would allow the department to maintain equipment.
The Board reviewed the revised Transportation Policy and approved it. It changes the walking zone for students. Unfortunately, lack of drivers may delay the implementation of this policy.
The Board investigated the district’s purchasing policy and wanted all Board Members to read and understand the parameters of this policy so as we move forward to approve materials, equipment, or services that our Board adheres to our own Policies.  We had checked with the Michigan Association of School Boards and the Michigan Department of Education to offer additional clarification on how we are to proceed.  It was agreed that we will use the annual MDE review of the purchasing threshold to guide our policies of when to get competitive bids for procurement of supplies, materials and equipment while also following our established Board Policies.  The current MDE threshold is $24,459 while our district threshold is set at $5,000.  The MDE
Due to a great shortage in our custodial department, ABM provided a wage study. Our current contract states that we were to pay our custodians an average of $10.75/hr.  ABM has been paying and not charging us for an average $11.39/hr. rate.  We have determined that this is too low and needs to be raised due to the positive effects of our robust economy.  Therefore, current employed custodians who are not making $11.50/hr. should be paid immediately this starting wage or higher based on ABM’s wage study.  With their wage study it also showed that custodians with three years of experience or more should be making $12/hr or more based upon experience.  We proposed an adjustment in our current total contracted amount from $396,113 to $415,204 for this year and next year (2019-2020) from $406,166 to $439,565 to accommodate these adjustments in salary compensation.  We are withholding our October payment with ABM until staffing levels regulate.  Additionally, I will be in touch with ABM management and request that a supervisor be present to monitor the work that is occurring during the 2nd shifts throughout the district.  Currently, we have staffing coming from Ann Arbor Public Schools, another ABM contracted district, but these individuals have no supervision while they are working within in our buildings.  Due to the robust national, state, and local economy we are dealing with a staffing shortage from our Custodial Department and as a district we must be remain flexible with the inconsistencies of the cleaning schedule.  For our district to absorb this department back into our district we would have to pay insurance, FICA, retirement, indirect costs, equipment purchases, and daily consumable materials.  Currently, we do not have these expenses and this would add annually upwards of an additional $120,000 – $150,000.  We have also checked into the idea of bringing in temporary staffing companies to assist us, but these companies cannot guarantee staffing levels and the hourly rates are exceptionally high at $18.40/hr or higher.  By addressing the wage increases we believe that this is the best path forward at this time.  The Board is aware that rooms are not being cleaned daily and that there are shortages within this department.  Our current crew should be commended for their tireless efforts in attempting to assist us in all aspects to keep our learning environments clean, safe, and usable.  If you know on any interested applicants, please encourage them to apply to ABM.
Funds were requested to replace the MS Walk-In Cooler.  The Board agreed and approved this request so that Thompson, Heating and Plumbing will be paid no more than $6,200 to replace this after other bids were received and reviewed.
The Board approved the purchase of 30 Round Tables at a cost of $5,814.48 from School Specialty. Chairs will be purchased at a later date once the tables are secured.
Long Term Facilities Study – Our Board was briefed on the idea of securing Request for Proposal (RFPs) for a bidding process for a long term facilities study.  We have learned as a district that our current Bond Construction Management Company from Wolgast would do this service for our district for FREE.  We plan on meeting with Wolgast to further develop this process and get in writing that indeed this service that typically costs between $20,000 – $30,000 would indeed be done at no cost to the district.
Phase 1 projects are finishing.  We are excited to have the HS roof near completion.  They are repairing, installing, or replacing our current eaves-troughs around the building while adding more downspouts.  All of the trim work is being completed as well.  There is a final punch list being developed by a third party Roofing contractor at no cost to the district.  Our HS Auxillary Gym’s insurance flooring replacement is complete and now the only thing we are waiting to complete there is one final coat of finish on the Auxiliary Gym scheduled for next week.  Yesterday, we did have Phase 2 bid openings with much preparation and work to be completed.  These Phase 2 Bond Projects will not begin until June 2019.  We are currently on budget and have also begun the furniture purchasing process with voluntary scheduled vendor meetings for staff on Tuesday, Nov. 27 and Wednesday, Nov. 28.
Ms. Ramirez prepared new reports that showed our Revenue Comparison and our Expenditure Comparison.  These reports offer greater transparency to our Board of Education. 

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