Male Athlete of the Month: Andrew Jarvis

Courtesy photo
Andrew Jarvis.

By Milan Eagle media

Andrew Jarvis was born in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan Hospital February 27, 2002. He switched to Milan after completing 8th grade at South Arbor Charter Academy and started MHS his freshman year. His mom and his dad have both supported him throughout his life with everything he does. He is very thankful for how he has been raised by them.
Andrew became interested in sports around age 4. He has played many sports, but in recent years, he has focused on bowling as it is what he most enjoys. As a 4 year old, he loved Wii Bowling, and his dad decided that it would be a good idea to try actual bowling. He said, I loved it, and I still really do.”
At the moment, bowling is the only sport Andrew plays, making the 2018-2019 season his 12th year bowling. Through the years, he has bowled many USBC tournaments, such as the City Tournament and State Tournament. He has also bowled many small scholarship tournaments and has been successful with those. Most recently, he qualified to go to the Junior Gold Tournament this year after placing 2nd in the Junior Gold Qualifiers. Andrew’s best score in bowling is a 268. His bowling coach, Dawn Divert, has had a major influence his bowling. He said, “she has been there for me through the worst of tournaments and she has also been there through the best of tournaments. I am very grateful for her.” 
Currently he is enrolled in 3 AP classes and 1 Honors Class. At the moment, he has a GPA of 4.143. After graduation, Andrew plans on going to college to study business. He says he will definitely continue to bowl at the college level after graduation.
Coach Dawn said, “Andy and I also met at Colonial Lanes when he bowled with my son. 
They have been doubles partners in a few tournaments with finishing 3rd this past year in the Michigan State USBC youth tournament.   Andy also was named Capt. last year of the high school team. He also led the team with the highest average. 
He and Ari recently competed in a tournament that qualifies them to bowl in the Junior Gold. Some of the best bowlers in the country will be competing in this. Lots of scholarships will be awarded with many college scouts there. 
These two are going great places and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.” 

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