Class of 1978 sells Big Red alumni mugs

By Isabelle Schultz

A simple plan to gift a reminiscent Big Red mug to the attendees of the 40th reunion of Milan High School’s class of 1978 has created wide spread attention from Milan High School graduates across the country.
The 65 classmates, who met this past September for their reunion, were challenged to take the red and black mugs to an interesting or unusual location for a photo to post on Facebook. Photos of the mug with an Indian logo, which has since been abandoned by the school, on one side and “Big Red Alumni” lettered on the other, received immediate cyber attention.
Early on the reunion committee decided to promote the sale of the mugs and donate the proceeds to the Milan High School Alumni Scholarship Fund, according to Vice-President Tyler Schultz. The scholarships are awarded annually by the Community Foundation to qualifying seniors who must have completed four years of high school in Milan.
Facebook worked, and to date nearly 500 alumni mugs have been ordered and shipped to Milan graduates from the east coast to the west coast, according to Chairman Sharon DeVee.
“Interest has been very broad. People are passionate about this and there’s clearly a lot of Big Red pride out there,” Schultz said, noting, ”We are continuing to accept orders and have received class dates from alumni spanning from 1946 to the current 2019 graduates.”
The mugs, priced at $8, are available and may be ordered by contacting DeVee on the Milan Class of 1978 Facebook page or by email at saad1959 [at] AOL [dot] com. Contact Schultz at Michigan Adventure Diving 734-439-3483.

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