Eternity Matters: SLATHER ON THE CRÈME FOR 2019

By Norma Shull Smith

I have a habit of looking back over the previous year to recollect things that transpired, some bringing big smiles and out loud laughter, to some pulling me into the mulligrubs. For a few years now, I took my daughters suggestion and when good things happened, I jotted them on a slip of paper and dropped it into a canning jar. On New Year’s Day I would pull each one and remind myself of all the good that took place. I wonder if we jotted down all the bad and put them in a jar, if when reading them we would be pleased with how we handled it, or if joy would turn to sorrow in the reading?
As we do the annual self-analysis it is easy to see areas where we have scars. Some caused by others, but for the most part, wounds that we unintentionally self -inflicted. I am sure those who are reading this realize I am not speaking of literal wounds, but wounds of the heart and spirit.
2019 has just begun and it is a time for newness and refreshing, for the old has passed away!
Most of us ladies are in a routine of cleansing our faces and applying the cream that promises to wash away years of wrinkles and puffy eyes. We have done it so long, it is normal routine and when we arise every morning, we are just as faithful to wash off the cream and reapply another remedy prior to putting on our fresh face of make-up!
As I pondered on this area that can grow our spirits, I couldn’t help but think how much we owe it to ourselves to be as faithful in removing unneeded scar tissue. We carry it with us day in and day out. Self-inflicted wounds are caused by things that we have the power to correct, but don’t.
How we handle disappointments, hurtful words, not being the one chosen, losing the job, not getting the pay raise, reactions to loss through relationships, divorce and death, determines if we self-inflict!
If we stew on it, let it boil, become resentful and bitter, we are stirring a pot that will splash into our spirits and cause deep wounds. Left alone, scars begin to form on our souls and soon our hearts grow cold.
If you could imagine a compound ointment made specifically for you, with ingredients that include forgiveness, being kind to the one who offends, silence replacing gossip about the situation, loving and laughter, replacing hatred and tears. Added ingredients that help the scars to fade, are praising and drawing good from the wound.
I think as we look into the mirror of 2018, if honest with self, we can see ourselves plainly. If you are one of those who wallow in self-pity and blame, you need the crème for 2019! Put on that new face and renew your spirit and mind.
According to studies, 11 billion dollars was made in 2018 alone in the skin crème industry and with all that money being spent, most do not produce what they claim.
Yet for over 2000 years, the remedy of the soul has proven itself countless times. Testimony after testimony of lives changed from the inside out and the neat part, the price and cost of the remedy has already been paid. All it costs us is faithfulness to practice the remedy throughout each day. Even with all that proof, many refuse it. Are you one of them?
Suggested readings: Psalm 66:18, Matthew 5:44, Ephesians 4:26, Galatians 5:22-23, Romans 12:2

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