Female Athlete of the Month: Jessica Humes

jessica humes

By Milan Eagle media

Jessica Humes is a senior at Milan High School. She was born in Saint Joe’s Hospital on April 29th, 2001. She has two older siblings and one younger sibling.
Jessica was first introduced to sports when she was very young. It started out with the basics like swim and dance, and then her mom got her into soccer. It was her parents who really sparked her interest in sports, with her mom always encouraging her to do it all. She said, “they had me in every sport imaginable, swim, dance, soccer, tee-ball, basketball, even softball.” However, her basketball career started much later than the rest of her sports. Jessica tried basketball for the first time in seventh grade, and she hasn’t stopped playing since..
Through all the sports she has participated in, the ones that have stuck with her throughout high school are soccer and basketball. In soccer, she normally plays the left wing but she has been moved all over from striker all the way back to defensive mid. In basketball, she has primarily played point guard up until this year. Now she jumps between a center and a power forward. She has been on varsity for both soccer and basketball since freshman year (4 years). Jessica loves both of these sports, and all the coaches who have rotated through both of these sports have all had a great impact on her and her progression as a player.
Jessica has been taking college-level classes since sophomore year. She has and currently is taking multiple AP classes, along with being enrolled in a course with Eastern Michigan. She has received multiple coaches awards, an MVP award, she has been a captain for both sports for two years, and is a scholar athlete. Her favorite subject in school is English, but she also really enjoys art. Her GPA has been above a 3.8 for all years of high school. After graduation, Jessica plans on going to college which she’s still deciding on which one. She has been accepted to Eastern and Western Michigan both of which have offered her scholarships. Currently she doesn’t have plans to play sports after high school, but if I she receives any offers to play, then she will take them.

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