Paddock’s Winter Extravaganza

By Joyce Ervin

Paddock Elementary School finished the year with their annual Winter Extravaganza, a Charlie Brown Christmas, sponsored by the school’s Parent Teacher Organization.
The activities centered around the main character found in the book, “Charlie Brown Christmas “ written by Charles M. Shulz, was read to the children by principal Sean Desarbo.
Foam kits were available to construct Snoopy dog houses.  Stepfather, Rick and mother, Melanie Yates helped their first-grader, Paradise Rock, make one.
 Christmas ornaments were made from slices of tree limbs prepared by John Farmer.  Busy counting the rings on the tree pieces to correspond with their ages were William, 10, Henry, 8 and Charlie, 5, Kliber before decorating with colored markers.  Farmer told the youngsters one can tell the age of the tree by how many rings you see.
A cookie decorating station was popular.  Kids spread yellow frosting on sugar cookies and volunteers squirted chocolate in a snake-like line across the cookie, reminiscent of Charlie Brown’s shirt illustrated in the book.  Enjoying the activity and the cookies were Roman and Sadie Stubbe and cousin Marlee Crossley and three-year-old Lucas Goke, wearing construction paper Snoopy ears, was enjoying gobbing on the frosting.
 Dancing in the gym was a lively spot.  A large Snoopy dog house was visited by the youngsters, who placed self-adhesive bulbs on a painted string to decorate Snoopy’s house.
 The cafeteria served nachos, desserts and white chocolate popcorn.  A photo booth for a holiday picture was available at no charge.  Students brought non-perishable food stuffs for Aid in Milan.
Desarbo said, “This is a wonderful opportunity to come into the school and enjoy time with the Paddock family community.”

Joyce Ervin is a freelance writer reporting on Milan.  She can be contacted at:  jlervin42 [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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