Wendell Turner — 10 year old race car driver

By Milan Eagle media

Wendell Turner, a 5th grader at Lincoln’s Brick Elementary School is not your typical 10 year old. He drove a 4 wheel motorcycle before he could walk and he’s been driving ever since.
When he was 3 years old, he drove a gas powered quarter midget converted back yard racer on a track in his neighbor’s field.   On his 5th birthday he started driving a race legit USAC quarter midget (which required a drivers license).  When he started racing at Lucas County  Fairgrounds in Maumee, Ohio, his first race he got T-boned and did a spin out.  His mom thought for sure that would be the end but he didn’t let that accident stop him.
He’s pretty protected.  He wears a fireproof suit, underwear, socks, shirt, shoes and helmet.  Basically everything, except his eyes , is covered.
At 7 years old Wendell moved up to a 250 NINJA powered mini  sprint car. (has a motorcycle 250 Kawasaki engine).  He won the track championship 2017 at the Jackson Speedway.
This year Wendell moved up to a 600cc powered sprint car, (restricted). Twenty laps now, usually 4-5 cars, he reaches speeds up to 70 MPH.  The track is clay surface and the cars can change the surface from lap to lap, especially if they spin out.  He is the Track Champion of 2018, he’s been Track Champion 2 years in a row. The red car with white wing is the 600cc that he drove winning the Track Champion of 2018. His top fans are his parents Donna and Bill Turner and his sister Delanna is always there cheering for him. Wendell may be the youngest 600 racer in country.
Most of the people Wendell has raced are 15, 16, 17 year old average. The oldest was 34 years old.
His sponsors are Dave, Roy’s BBQ , Dave Alexander, Alexander Welding, Ivan’s BP, Dave, and Back Street Cruizers.  He is looking for additional sponsors for 2019. Wendell’s Face Book page is Wendell Turner Racing .
Future plans are undecided, he’ll either continue racing restricted and travel or he’ll move to unrestricted at Jackson. (unrestricted  gives money instead of trophies and there can be 15-16 cars on the track competing).
Wendell said, “it’s fun and I enjoy racing”. His parents said, “he’s good, when he’s racing he’s in his own world.. he goes from a little boy to a race car driver.”

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