Briggs finishes book about father

By Milan Eagle media

Retired Milan High School teacher, Elaine Briggs has just finished her book about her father, Joe Dew A Glorious Life.
“When my mother died, I drove the hour and a half to Flint a couple of times a month to take my dad out to lunch and then to his apartment where he told me his stories, almost all I had never heard. He had an awesome memory; his life was truly amazing,” said Elaine. “I promised him I’d make his stories into a book and I’ve finally finished.”
Elaine’s father was raised in rural Iowa in the 1920s, the son of a struggling blacksmith during the Great Depression. After graduation, he traveled the country, riding the rails and finding work in the wheat fields of the Great Plains, and panning for gold in Idaho.
He fought with the 741st Tank Battalion in the European Theater during WWII where he earned the Distinguished Service Cross for risking his life perched atop his tank and breaking through the Siegfried Line, a previously impenetrable concrete barrier into Germany. After taking out five heavily-armored German tanks in the Battle of the Bulge, he received the Bronze Star, and later was given the Purple Heart when a German bazooka hit his tank, killing his driver and three of the 2nd Infantry riding on the front.
He returned to Iowa to marry, finish college using the GI Bill, and then join the workforce for General Motors in Flint, Michigan. His inspiring story is one of hard work, adventure, and family.
Elaine has donated copies of Joe Dew a Glorious Life to the Milan Public Library, Monroe County Library System, and Saline District Library. Books are also available at in paperback or Kindle.

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