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Building success

Courtesy photo
Milan Wrestling Head Coach Kyle Latta (red cap) and Asst. Coach Jack Apple.

By Milan Eagle media

Kyle Latta, a Milan alumni, wants to make Milan wresting successful. Last year when Robbie Graham asked him if he wanted to help out with the Milan youth wrestling program he came back. Then, the head coaching position became available and he applied. As Milan’s head wrestling coach he then appointed Robbie to the head middle school coaching position. Kyle’s brother, Jack Apple, is his assistant coach for the high school.
One of the things that Kyle has tried to establish for his first year as head coach is making sure there is a common goal among all the programs and coaches. Coach Kyle, Coach Jack and Coach Robbie are constantly in communication with progress reports and bouncing ideas around for how to take that next step of involving the program. Kyle’s goal is to put more names on the championship wall in the wrestling room.
He said, “I think right now I’m an average coach, in a few years I hope to be a good coach, and in 10 years I hope to be considered a great coach. I come from a big wrestling family. My uncles are coaches for Bronson, and I hope to follow in their footsteps of the success they have brought to that program over the years.”
Kyle wrestled sophomore to senior year and graduated from Milan in 2008. He has been in some martial art throughout most of his life. After high school he dove into mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu jitsu, Taekwondo, anything he thought would make him a well rounded martial artist. He says his love is for and always will be for the grappling arts. When Kyle found out he got the head coaching position he knew he had to include his brother. They have been training together ever since they were kids and something they always talked about was building a team together. Kyle said, “With him and the other coaches by my side I know this program will begin to see success once again.”

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