Life is sweet

By Joyce Ervin

Life is Sweet Bakery & Café held a Red Ribbon Cutting ceremony on Jan. 15 hosted by the Milan Area Chamber of Commerce. The place was packed with members of the community, chamber board members and city officials. The turnout left owner, Margaret Prince, overwhelmed and “feeling the love.”
 Laila Kujala attended and said people were lined up down the block.  “I had to be re-directed and enter through the back of the building,” Kujala said.
 Kujala was found again at the establishment enjoying the homemade broccoli cheese soup, while her husband, Tom Hornyak, finished off a plate of grilled cheese and pizza sticks.  Hornyak said, “We’re going to make this our Friday lunch spot.”
There is an array of lunch choices, but a few mentioned by patrons as delicious are the spinach and artichoke stuffed croissants, chicken salad wraps and homemade crackers served with chili cheese dip. 
The confections are varied and all made on site.  Decorated layer cakes, cream puffs, fresh fruit tarts, eclairs and cookies exquisitely decorated are a delight to the eye and the palate.
Kujala described the venue as beautiful, light and bright.  The white tables and chairs, decorations in pastels provides a crisp and welcoming ambience.  This is a shop one must visit to see all that is offered.  The shop is located at 42 E. Main Street in downtown Milan.
Hours of operation are Tues. through Fri. from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. with Sat. from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Prince said hours will be extended to add Sundays and Mondays as we grow.  For information call 734-628-7185, visit the Facebook page or email

Joyce Ervin is a freelance writer reporting on Milan.  She can be contacted at:  jlervin42 [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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